·     Time take to train my dog? For Basic & Obedience but as all dogs have different intelligence and time will vary as with the behaviour age and breed.

·      ideal age to start training? Ideal age to start training is between 3 - 4 months and the pet has been vaccinated with Anti Rabies shot. 

·      Can training be possible at Boarding Yes. It is possible while staying at our Boarding. Extra charges for pet boarding to be added with the training package.




We have Trained over more than 500+ dogs till now and 30+ classes are running in Delhi-NCR.

*Importance of Dog Training*

 Friendly with your dog. 

safety for both parents and dog.

Friendly Behavior with other pets and people.

Help to make easier to attend Various events.



We have trained over more than 550+ dogs till now and 30+ classes are running in Delhi-NCR.

Transparent process.

Hitting a dog comes under Zero Tolerance Policy to train.

Weekly Report asked by the trainer for Improvement .

*Details for Training Program*

* Basic Obedience.

* Charges for one month - 7000 for a month(advance).

* Classes - (3days/week) 12 Session a month.

* Each Session 30 Minutes.


Sit/Down/Stand/Heel/Stay/Come/Place/Roll Etc.

*Schedule will be given for*

-Leash Manner.

-Socializing with surrounding.

-Toilet training guidance.

-Basic guidance for pet parenting.

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